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The team at Careflex bring their professional backgrounds in medicine, home care provision, technology and as personal carers to improving the current unmet needs of older people wanting to live well in their own home. We provide an efficient and transparent web based system between person-carer dyads, service providers and health professionals. Better systems mean personalised care and less administration, giving more time to care and do what we’re passionate about.


Care on Time

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Care on Time allows customers living in the community to see who will be coming to visit them and when by providing access to their booking schedule as well as real-time updates on when their carer is going to arrive. The app tracks the GPS location of carers using their phones and automatically alerts customers if a carer is going to be late based on their location and traffic events on their route to the customer's home. Care on Time makes use of Google Assistant, keeping accessibility a top priority for their customers.



Rising star award

The EasyAgeing team has been inspired by the challenges faced by the senior citizen of our society and their carers when making significant life changes with regards to physical, mental, financial, social, and legal wellbeing. The online platform helps seniors and carers who want to find out more information about services available to them by centralising widespread information and creating greater access to information. This is unlike MyAgedCare, MyGov, Carers Australia, and HSNet Human Services Network which are all fairly specialised in their application. This service will be a questionnaire that leads the user to an end result that will encompass recommendations and further links to information that is relevant to them based on their answers.