+ Who should attend the hackathon?

Anyone with a desire to solve big problems! Attendees from all backgrounds, educations, gender and geographies are welcome. We want to see a wide range of attendees, coders, graphic designers, scientists, health care professionals, researchers, students, business professionals, entrepreneurs – the list is endless. Prior experience in health or tech sectors is not a requirement.

+ How much prior hackathon, software development or design experience do I need?

While any experience is always helpful, none is required! If your team is planning to develop an app or website you will need someone on the team with development experience. An info session on Devpost, Github and Slack is scheduled on Friday 11 May at 10pm to help competitors learn how to utilise these platforms. While you only need one team member to know how to use these platforms it's always useful for all members to have an idea of what purposes these platforms serve during the hackathon.

+ Which platforms do I use to meet other competitors and discuss the event?

Slack is the online platform used to communicate among and between teams and organisers. Want to learn more about how to use Slack? Check out how it works here. Then, downlaod Slack to your mobile / desktop and join the New Futures Hackathon Slack team here

+ What if I already formed a team?

Great! Please register all your team members via the New Futures Hackathon Eventbrite page and register your team on the New Futures Hackathon Devpost event by 11:00PM (AEST) 11 May. Details on how to do this will be provided during the info session at 10PM on Friday 11 May.

+ What if I don’t have a team?

No problem, many participants will not. We will host a team forming session as part of the info session on the evening of Friday 11 May at NeW Space. This will allow participants with ideas to pitch them and the skill gaps they are seeking to fill. Those without a team who can add value to an idea / team can indicate their interest to the person pitching and, voila, you are now part of a team! One of the best outcomes of participating in a hackathon is developing new connections.

+ If I want to post about the hackathon, what hashtags can I use?

Please share this event with your social followers! It is #NewFuturesHack

+ What is the cost to attend the event?

Cost of participation is $20 + nominal transaction fees.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Live Well, Age Well community based program for older adults. This program is developed by the University of Newcastle’s Research Centre for Generational Health and Ageing in partnership with retirement villages and communities. Live Well, Age Well focuses on maintaining physical, mental and social health in older age, and preventing social isolation. Initially focusing on cooking and nutrition, the program will also address physical, mental and psychosocial health, including providing tailored public health information based on individual needs. The program aims to promote healthy ageing and help older people who are still living independently to identify their personal health goals, ensuring they have the tools they need to delay loss of independence and take care of their health. The program has been successfully piloted and the team is currently seeking funding to support larger-scale roll-out and evaluation.

+ Will there be any hardware/equipment available for project development?

No. You will be required to bring your own hardware / equipment (including desktops, laptops, monitors, HMDIs etc). The room where the hackathon is taking place on Saturday 12 May (X101) has desks big enough for teams and includes power and USB points. You'll be able to ustilise the University's's wifi, plus there will be loads of planning materials (whiteboards, butchers paper, post it notes, markers etc) for you to use.

+ Are there any datasets available to teams?

Yes! We have compiled a number of public datasets to guide teams when forming a solution. Feel free to use any data found below:

• Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

• GEN Aged Care Data

• HealthStats NSW

• Sax Institute 45 and Up Study

• My Hospitals

• My Healthy Communities

+ How do I get there?

New Futures Health Hack is held at UON’s NeW Space. Check your transport options here.

+ What should I bring?

Please bring ID for admission (student card, driver’s license or passport). Also, bring your laptop and any hardware you wish to use in the event.

+ Is this an overnight hackathon?

No. Hackathon participants are welcome to stay in Room X303 up to 11pm on Friday 11 May to plan their team's activities for the next day. We would like to make this hackathon as carer friendly as possible and encourage participants to go home to attend to family and get some sleep before doors open to Room X101 for the hackathon at 7am on Saturday 12 May. There are 10 hours allocated for the hackathon with submissions to be entered by 5pm. No code is to be generated before 7am 12 May.

+ What if this FAQ didn’t answer my questions?

Please email us at i2n@newcastle.edu.au if you’re in any way confused or concerned and we’ll do all that we can to help out!